Boogie Call

Web design

Beautiful and functional

We deliver not only trendy, sexy looking designs – all our websites are responsive (they open fine on any device), user-friendly and easy to customize. Whenever possible, we use Twitter Bootstrap to support our HTML/CSS base.

Examples of our work

Menara Solutions

Web development

Clean reusable code

Beautiful design means nothing without great back-end. We take pride in our clean, object-oriented code, and we prefer developing with the following frameworks: Laravel, Phalcon, WordPress.

See example source code

Rapport app

Mobile apps

The new medium to reach customers

More and more users are shifting from PCs to smart phones, and we can get your iOS and Android mobile applications up and running in no time.

Some of our apps

Makoto flyers

Graphic design

Get best flyers ever

We love doing artwork for concerts and parties, and we usually employ at least 2 stuff members for each piece. Lots of carefully handmade elements, impeccable taste – you can expect your crowd to wow.

See some of our flyers

And some more

Digital marketing

We can help you with your Facebook and Google AdWords online campaigns – tune your targeting and bidding settings, employ proper Google Analytics reports.


With globalization going strong, localisation of websites and apps is becoming very important. We can offer you high quality translations for the following languages: Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Catalan, Chinese Mandarin, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia.

Hosting and systems

While we are not a hosting provider, we can help you to choose the best solution. We are experts in Linux, FreeBSD and network equipment.

If you expect Australian users on your website, we advice to use one of the global providers with PoP in Sydney or Melbourne.

SEO optimisation

Get more organic traffic (read – free visitors) from search engines by optimising your pages. From one-off implementations to continuous work.

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